We have been writing songs together since we met in 1995 and have never stopped pursuing our dreams.

We write songs based on real life stories and experiences. Individually, we have both been pursing and honing our music skills from a very young age. Now the inspiration for all our music comes directly from our lives as well as others in our lives. Our lifestyle consists of working, taking care of children and writing, recording and mixing music at night when our kids are in bed. We have friends that are just like us- they are living their lives and doing the best they can to be the grownups their children need. Sometimes we all need to escape but we find that we're happy most of the time just living in the moment. We love being at home in the burbs with our two daughters Eva and Mia and our two cats Lady and FuFuff.

We also love food and enjoy cooking for our family and friends. Our stuffed peppers and Italian style gravy are two of our specialties and get the most rave reviews! Our favorite drink always includes vodka. Come visit our blog at http://www.momandthepoplife.com

We believe in pursuing passions and that getting older is still fun. Our life experiences continue to feed our souls, and in turn, inspire us to write meaningful music.

With love,

Christine & Marcus Rap

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